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ThinkProgress seeks interns; Katie Pavlich seeks 'living wage' and health plan info

ThinkProgress, the lefty organization which pushes for “living wages” and health care for all, seeks interns:


Katie Pavlich noticed a piece of information missing in the ThinkProgress posting:

Of course the positions would be paid, right? Unpaid or even low paid jobs are only offered by evil right-wingers, according to the liberal talking points.

Knowing that, Pavlich kept pressing:

Hmm. Maybe they’re at lunch or something and aren’t available to give out the “living wage” they’ll be paying these interns.

Here’s another question that deserves an answer in order to prove how ThinkProgress is “leading by example”:


Surely ThinkProgress allows their interns to collectively bargain. Right?

So far the only response to these requests has been the sound of distant crickets.


Somebody doesn’t seem to be following the instruction of their leadership:

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