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Harry Reid: If you want to strengthen Social Security, support immigration reform [Vine video]

Coming from the same man who said passing Obamacare would strengthen the health care system but is now agreeing with Max Baucus that it could be a train wreck, it might be wise to remain highly skeptical of Harry’s guarantees. The “immigration reform will strengthen Social Security” argument contains the same short-term-only accounting techniques and labor force assumptions that were used to “prove” Obamacare would save money and create jobs.


Flashback: Even those who are for immigration reform have compared the Gang of Eight bill to Obamacare. Be afraid:


@BarackObama cites study showing amnesty would save $410 billion over next decade

@BarackObama still spinning Social Security Adminstration’s analysis of amnesty

@BarackObama falsely claims amnesty will strengthen Social Security over the long term

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