We’re all about to die because of climate change!

We know this because every day of every year of every decade Democrats like Kamala Harris serve up warnings about the existential threat caused by Republicans not letting the Dems spend $20 trillion or more on their climate change shams:

Senator Chuck Schumer wants Biden to declare a “climate emergency”:

Four years ago AOC let kids know they only had 12 years left:

Then-candidate Joe Biden took the “fiery death” approach with this warning about climate change:

With all that in mind, it really cracked me up that one of Vice President Kamala Harris’ priorities now (in addition to being in charge of the border and never going there) is the “climate mental health” of children:

The Dems lie to kids every day about how they’re going to die soon and now one of those people is concerned about their mental health. This is rich!

Like any good hucksters, they’re finding ways to make money off both the alleged disease and the cure (that they just happen to sell).

The moral of the story?

Maybe some kids have their “climate mental health” harmed when they see politicians like Harris say burning fossil fuels is an existential threat to humanity and then board their private government jets for completely unnecessary trips:

The air smells less polluted already!



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