The House’s China committee held its first hearing today on China and COVID-19 last night:

House Republicans and Democrats on the new select China committee held their first hearing Tuesday night, vowing to investigate the numerous technological, economic and military threats from the Chinese Communist Party.

Members used the prime-time hearing as a sort of introduction to the Chinese government for an American audience who may not follow the issue closely, highlighting the broad scope of Chinese influence and the avenues the committee may go down as it seeks ways to make the U.S. more competitive.

One of the experts who testified was Johns Hopkins University’s Dr. Marty Makary. The government appears to be just now coming around to accepting the reality that the virus might have come from a Wuhan lab, but Dr. Fauci was told of that likelihood from the get-go but instead of entertaining the possibility, it was handled a different way. Watch:

Who were those virologists to question Dr. Fauci? After all, he’s “The Science”! The funding “science” appears to take precedence over the actual science.

And yet Fauci is comfortably retired on the taxpayers’ dime… why exactly?

Dr. Makary also pointed out that, ironically enough, the entity that was doing the policing on “misinformation” was the very body spreading the most lies:

Color us shocked.



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Does Dr. Fauci’s huge speaking fee include the opportunity to ask ANY question, or no?


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