Justin Trudeau was asked about the time he called Freedom Convoy truckers a “fringe minority,” and the Canadian PM said he regrets using that term (though that’s highly doubtful):

From the National Post:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he regrets referring to Freedom Convoy protesters as a “fringe minority” and admits his government could have done more to avoid having to invoke the Emergencies Act to end the protest.

Before the convoy arrived in Ottawa, Trudeau labeled the group as a fringe and said they held “unacceptable views.”

“I wish I had phrased that differently,” Trudeau told reporters during a press conference Friday.

Trudeau said he was speaking too broadly about protesters, many of whom, he conceded, simply wanted to have their voices heard in opposing two years of government pandemic restrictions.

Dude, really?

This brings us to the most pathetic part of his remarks: Trudeau went on to say he’ll always stand up for freedom of speech:

Trudeau is a big fan of freedom of speech, except for those who have “unacceptable views” according to the government.

That’s Trudeau!



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