Byron York is among those who have spotted a story that goes a little further towards proving what most already knew: The House January 6th Commission was about forwarding narratives and not really “getting to the bottom of what happened that day and why”:

From NBC News:

The House Jan. 6 committee concluded that the FBI and other federal security agencies could have prevented a violent mob from overrunning the Capitol had they acted on the large volume of intelligence collected beforehand, the chief investigator told NBC News in an exclusive interview — a judgment the committee left out of its televised hearings and final report.

Former federal prosecutor Tim Heaphy, the committee’s chief investigative counsel, said that while he endorses the panel’s main finding that then-President Donald Trump sparked the riot by urging protesters to go to the Capitol, his probe documented how federal law enforcement failures contributed to the debacle.

Is anybody surprised that was left out of the televised hearings and final report?

There are Dems responding to York by saying things like “that makes Trump look even worse,” but if that’s the case why didn’t the J6 Commission want to shine a bright light on that aspect of the story?


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