Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends to give thanks for all the blessings in our lives, feast on delicious food, and maybe even watch some football… unless you’re a lefty who believes America was founded on hate, racism, and genocide.

Today’s Thanksgiving feelgood message is brought to us by MSNBC’s Joy Reid (via Grabien News founder Tom Elliott):

It started off not too bad, at least for Joy Reid, but then she eventually got to the reason(s) you should think twice before enjoying your turkey this afternoon:

“Thanksgiving — the day we gather with friends and family to enjoy turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. We throw on the game, catch up on our lives, and then discuss — or quite possibly argue — about religion and politics. For millions of Americans it’s a day of cherished traditions, and as Americans we certainly value those traditions.”


“But it’s also important to unpack the myth of Thanksgiving. It is a holiday riddled with historical inaccuracies, built off this myth that the indigenous welcomed their colonizers with open arms and ears of corn. A simplistic fairy tale interpretation of a 1621 encounter between indigenous tribes and English settlers, that erases the genocide that followed. It’s the truth Republicans want banned from our textbooks, because here’s the secret they want so desperately to keep: We are a country founded on violence.”


Happy Thanksgiving, MSNBC-Style!

Joy Downer has spoken.

We’re already cringing at the thought of Reid’s upcoming attempt to explain why you should feel bad about Christmas.



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