Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden like to talk about “unity” and working together. President Biden campaigned on “unity” and not long after that he was slamming “MAGA Forces” as being a “threat to democracy” in a speech that had creepy optics:


Couple that with Hillary Clinton calling Trump supporters as being in a “basket of deplorables” and you have to wonder what effect that has on what people tell pollsters. Trafalgar Group pollster Robert Cahaly has an interesting thread about what all that kind of rhetoric does for the polling industry:

Many people are no doubt less than forthcoming with pollsters. To what degree is anybody’s guess but Biden and others demonizing one side has to have some effect:

Just a few things to think about. Of course some polls are just intended to support narratives or prop up a particular candidate if needed, but there are still a couple of honest pollsters out there interested in an accurate reflection of what voters are thinking.



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