Earlier this month it was noted that President Biden’s approval rating was going up a little bit:

It’s worth noting that Biden’s approval was ticking up as the president was spending a couple of weeks on vacation with the exception of a bill signing.

But for the last several days Biden’s been making speeches attacking Trump supporters as “semi-fascist” while claiming “the soul of our democracy is at stake.” However, what’s actually at stake is the Democrat control of the House and Senate, which is why Biden’s been trotted out lately to try and sound the alarm about “MAGA Republicans.” Now it’s looking like the Dems might want to encourage Biden to get back out of the public eye and go on another vacation:

That “bump” certainly doesn’t appear to have lasted long.

Also, the polling appears to have been quite generous towards Biden.

Perhaps Joe needs to threaten more people with F-15s!

Instead, the White House is putting Biden on television tomorrow night where he’ll no doubt call millions of Americans semi-fascists.



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