The Senate recently passed the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” (which worked fast, because inflation is now “zero” according to the Biden administration). The bill contained $80 billion in funding so the Internal Revenue Service can hire 87,000 new employees who Democrats would like everybody to believe are only going to be scrutinizing the super-rich to get them to pay their “fair share.”

Originally the IRS website’s jobs section had a solicitation for new agents that contained certain job requirements. Here’s how it looked:


Did somebody at the IRS (or wherever) think that was putting out a bad message? Clicking the link to the original IRS announcement will now bring up this:

Yep, the original jobs notice seems to have been the victim of an attempted memory-holing:

Adam Baldwin reminded everybody that the internet is forever:

We can’t wait to see how the new announcement is worded.

They got caught saying the quiet part out loud again.

They only have about 87,000 positions to fill — how long could that possibly take?


Editor’s Note:

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