The Real Clear Politics polling average today puts President Biden’s approval at 38.1 percent and his disapproval at 56.4 percent.


The 38 percent approval still seems high, but we also have to take into account Biden superfans like director/actor Rob Reiner, who thinks Biden’s accomplishments have been historic compared to the last several decades:

And guess what… everybody agrees with what Reiner said for one reason or another. Those who are among those in the Biden “disapproval” camp certainly think Reiner’s correct, just for not the reasons he thinks:

Biden’s “accomplishments” include the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, illegal immigrants pouring across the southern border, rampant inflation, high gas prices and a recession, so Reiner is indeed correct.

“Historic” indeed!

By the time the Biden presidency ends we’ll be lucky if the economy hasn’t completely collapsed because of all of this administration’s “accomplishments.”

And the day is young.



Rob Reiner tweeting rave reviews of Biden’s presidency doesn’t appear to be an April Fools joke

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