President Biden contracting Covid has been yet another story that’s caused “the experts” to shift even more goalposts when it comes to what the “science” was previously vs. the reality that’s unfolded before your very eyes over the last couple of years.

Dr. Deborah Birx now has a book to sell and she’s been attempting to try and portray herself as the “resistance” inside the Trump administration but now it’s looking like Trump was right about far more than Birx would like to admit (the possibility of a lab leak for starters).

Dr. Birx was on Fox News this week and here’s part of what she had to say this time around:

Birx “knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection”? If that was the case why didn’t she tell that to President Biden? Here’s what he said about a year ago:

If only “the experts” would have alerted Biden (but their narrative keeps changing as well because SCIENCE or something).

All while apparently hoping nobody has noticed how dramatically the narrative has shifted. Sorry, doctor, but we’ve noticed.

What are the odds that any of these unelected bureaucrats will ever actually be held accountable?

Because they know that mandates are about control, not “science”?

And they continue to kick people out of the military even while all branches are struggling to meet recruiting goals.



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