As you know, President Biden has tested positive for Covid-19 and is said to be isolated in the White House where he’ll stay until testing negative. Aside from that, news about Biden is being closely guarded and the president’s personal physician isn’t talking to reporters:

Before we get to Dr. Leana Wen (former head of Planned Parenthood and current CNN medical analyst) and her spin on Biden catching Covid, it might be a good time to remind everybody what Biden promised in October of 2020:

A year ago Biden assured Americans that they couldn’t catch Covid if they got vaccinated:

Fast forward to this week when the president contracted the virus he promised to shut down and Dr. Wen’s spin in a Washington Post op-ed:

“President Biden’s Covid-19 diagnosis is an opportunity for his administration to demonstrate the success of his leadership on the pandemic and what living with the coronavirus looks like.”

Wow, the expectations sure have been lowered since the heady days of “I’ll shut down the virus.”

This is entirely laughable, but of course the White House really appreciates help with the spin:

We’ve seen some goal posts being moved in the last couple of years but perhaps none have been moved as far as this one.

Out: “I’ll shut down the virus,” “get vaccinated and you can’t catch Covid” and “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

In: “Hey, everybody’s going to catch Covid on a regular basis from now on.”



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