There are a number of crises happening in the country at the moment. In spite of the Biden White House’s brags about gas prices, most people are still paying well over $4 per gallon.

The inflation that this administration said last year was merely “transitory” remains incredibly high.

The “border crisis” is no longer confined to the border, and ironically sanctuary city-supporting Democrats are complaining about illegal aliens being taken to their cities where they’re filling up homeless shelters:

With all that in mind, Townhall’s Katie Pavlich passed along another initiative the Biden White House is undertaking that shows their true “priorities”:

First of all, WTF?

It’s now up at the White House website. Say hello to FICOR:

As usual with this administration, words mean nothing so this will end up being whatever they decide. The important thing is to earmark some money to throw at something to be defined at a later date (if ever).

As part of the President’s America the Beautiful Initiative, the Biden-Harris Administration today launched an interagency effort, called the Federal Interagency Council on Outdoor Recreation (FICOR), that will work to create more safe, affordable, and equitable opportunities for Americans to get outdoors.

The FICOR – which includes leaders from the Departments of the Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, and Defense – will focus on improving access to nature, expanding outdoor recreation opportunities, and providing the public with improved and more affordable experiences on America’s public lands and waters.

Increasing access to outdoor recreation is one of the six areas of focus outlined in President Biden’s America the Beautiful Initiative. The FICOR will help coordinate policies, facilitate partnerships, and improve implementation on issues such as:

They go on to list the things taxpayer dollars will be thrown at. This is a program that started under Obama that Trump ended, which Biden is now restarting.

The Biden White House always manages to be able to find another hole down which to dump a lot of money.

Considering the fact that this administration wrecks everything they touch, perhaps it’s for the best to have them distracted by somewhat lesser things.