It’s been almost three years since then President Trump warned a German delegation at the United Nations about being energy dependent on Russia. The German delegation, not to mention the Left in the U.S., all had a hearty laugh:

The Washington Post at the time had this to say:

And with that, it’s “how it started/how it’s going” time! This shot and chaser is quite refreshing on a warm summer day:


The shot:

And the chaser, not even three years later:


Well isn’t that special!

Probably not!

From the Washington Post:

The main natural gas pipeline between Russia and Germany shut down for scheduled maintenance Monday, raising concerns that Moscow could use the repairs as a pretext for a longer shutdown as it wields energy supplies as leverage in the Ukraine war.

European ministers warned that it was unclear whether Moscow would turn the taps on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline back on after the 10 days of scheduled work. Germany’s economy minister, Robert Habeck, said Berlin was concerned about a “nightmare scenario” this winter if Russia decides against doing so.

They can’t say Trump didn’t warn them, even though they were too busy laughing at him.

It’s an instant classic.