President Biden’s approval rating continues to crater and Democrats in increasing numbers aren’t very excited about the possibility of the president seeking a second term. Among those lefties is Robert Reich, who says Biden is “too old to run again”:

Uh oh, Biden’s lost Robert Reich:

How quickly they’re turning.

Yep, Biden’s been such an overwhelming success as president that lefties such as Robert Reich are trying to throw in the towel on Joe’s behalf:

It’s not death that’s the worrying thing about a second Biden term. It’s the dwindling capacities that go with aging. “Bodily decrepitude,” said Yeats, “is wisdom.” I have accumulated somewhat more of the former than the latter, but our president seems fairly spry (why do I feel I have to add “for someone his age?”). I still have my teeth, in contrast to my grandfather whom I vividly recall storing his choppers in a glass next to his bed, and have so far steered clear of heart attack or stroke (I pray I’m not tempting fate by my stating this fact). But I’ve lived through several kidney stones and a few unexplained fits of epilepsy in my late thirties. I’ve had both hips replaced. And my hearing is crap. Even with hearing aids, I have a hard time understanding someone talking to me in a noisy restaurant. You’d think that the sheer market power of 60 million boomers losing their hearing would be enough to generate at least one chain of quiet restaurants.
Joe, please don’t run.

At this point, given the train wreck that has been the Biden presidency so far, how many Democrats would sign off on Reich’s plea to Biden?