If you’re trying to keep track of the Biden administration’s blame game on inflation and gas prices, time to update your scorecard:

The inflation data just keeps getting worse:

U.S. consumer prices surged 9.1% in June, the largest annual increase in more than four decades amid stubbornly high costs for gasoline, food and rent, cementing the case for another 75-basis-point interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve this month.

The larger-than-expected increase in the year-on-year consumer price index reported by the Labor Department on Wednesday also reflected higher prices for healthcare, motor vehicles, apparel as well as household furniture. The CPI increased by the most in nearly 17 years on a monthly basis.

The excuse from the White House? It’s not really that bad because the info is old and besides, you’re saving a few dollars every time you fill up your car compared to a month ago:

Yes, go with this spin heading into the midterms, Dems! Perhaps the word “fighting” in that tweet should be replaced with “causing” for greater honesty.

Biden’s solution to bringing down inflation is for Congress to pass more spending bills? You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s just remarkable that this White House wants Americans to believe that the fix for problems partly caused by spending way too much money is to spend more money.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm also hopes everybody’s stupid:

“Pay no attention to the massive inflation behind the curtain!”

They did the same thing with the baby formula crisis and other things.



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