About a year ago, President Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain passed along predictions that in 2022 the inflation rate would dip well below three percent:

You might also remember Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen along with others in the Biden administration (including Biden) claiming inflation would be “transitory” and not last long.

Fast-forward to July of 2022 and reality tells a different story:

U.S. consumer prices surged 9.1% in June, the largest annual increase in more than four decades amid stubbornly high costs for gasoline, food and rent, cementing the case for another 75-basis-point interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve this month.

The larger-than-expected increase in the year-on-year consumer price index reported by the Labor Department on Wednesday also reflected higher prices for healthcare, motor vehicles, apparel as well as household furniture. The CPI increased by the most in nearly 17 years on a monthly basis.

However, time moves slowly, and that’s where compilation videos come in handy to show the evolution of political spin over time, and Biden and the Dems’ assurances about inflation have been proven to be a complete joke:

If these people were capable of embarrassment, they’d be embarrassed.

George Costanza would probably have headed up a more competent administration.

Answer: A LOT.

And the lies just keep on coming.