President Biden was in Ohio today. Some state Democrats joined him during a speech in Cleveland while others trying to get elected or re-elected in November had “scheduling conflicts” (look at the latest approval/disapproval ratings for a possible explanation).

Biden starts things off here by hoping people either have short memories or are incredibly stupid:

This administration keeps repeating that BS and nobody’s buying it, but that obviously doesn’t stop Biden from repeating that ludicrous spin constantly.

Biden’s just going to continue to hope nobody remembers what happened in 2020 and 2021.

Now to the Biden economy — it’s going great! Except for all those things that are Putin’s fault:

Just the other day Biden was blaming inflation and fuel prices on gas station owners, and today he was back to blaming Putin. The Biden White House is absolutely rudderless.

At this point Biden’s just preaching to a shrinking choir.

When reality doesn’t cooperate, shameless lies are all that they have left.

And it wouldn’t have been a Biden speech without that weird “lean in and whisper” thing:

“90 billion dollars.” Is that the latest amount this administration has sent to Ukraine or something?