There are many people who have been waiting for a reckoning for public officials, politicians and others who destroyed lives, harmed students and wrecked the economy all in the name of “safety” during the pandemic. If MSM outlets such as the Washington Post have their way, the truth of what really happened, why it happened, and who was horribly wrong and misguided will never be told. Christina Pushaw spotted the WaPo still going out of its way to flog those they consider Covid heretics:


Senator Rand Paul has been correct on this, so maybe the Post will go after him next.

The corporate media will have the backs of Fauci and Dems (mostly) no matter what facts come to light in the wake of the pandemic and the disastrous responses:

In the very early days of the pandemic, a health policy expert and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Scott Atlas, wrote to a high-level government official in Washington that lockdowns and other measures were wrong. “The panic needs to be stopped both about the need for lockdown and even a frantic need for urgent testing,” he said on March 21, 2020. This set the tone for a strategy known as herd immunity that he advocated at the White House starting in July as an aide to President Donald Trump. It was misguided, costly and wrong.
The herd immunity idea advanced by Dr. Atlas and others called for protecting the most vulnerable, primarily the elderly, but allowing the virus to spread through the rest of the population to create natural immunity. The approach discouraged masks, lockdowns and testing. For example, in August, according to the report, Dr. Atlas provided extensive comments on draft testing guidance by the CDC, repeatedly inserting language to narrow testing recommendations. He also was against face masks, writing to other White House aides on Oct. 4, “In fact, there is vanishingly little hard evidence that masks actually work to block transmission of the virus.”

Mollie Hemingway joined in the WaPo shredding:

And “fact checkers” are to this day still running interference over what we now know are obvious falsehoods.

Instead they spend every waking hour proving Trump correct.