Today President Biden invoked the Defense Production Act (again) in order to increase the manufacturing of solar panels, which won’t necessarily come as exciting news to people spending a hundred bucks for a tank of gas in many parts of the country:

President Joe Biden ordered emergency measures Monday to increase U.S. manufacturing of solar panels and declared a two-year tariff exemption on panels from Southeast Asia as he attempted to jumpstart an industry key to his climate change-fighting goals.

His invoking of the Defense Production Act and other executive actions comes amid complaints by industry groups that the solar sector is being slowed by supply chain problems due to an ongoing Commerce Department inquiry into possible trade violations involving Chinese products.

The Commerce Department announced in March that it was scrutinizing imports of solar panels from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia, concerned that products from those countries are skirting U.S. anti-dumping rules that limit imports from China.

During today’s briefing, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked what “emergency” is being addressed by Biden invoking the Defense Production Act to make more solar panels, and the Big Book of Talking Points was consulted for another non-answer:

And if that wasn’t enough dodging, the spin continued:

Narrator: It’s also about China.

Maybe Jean-Pierre’s just trying to hang in there long enough so that she too can get a hefty MSNBC contract.

Perhaps there was an “emergency” that Jean-Pierre couldn’t admit to:

Not unlike Solyndra, which didn’t last long but that doesn’t mean some people didn’t have a big payday.