So many “journalists” and analysts who work for CNN have demonstrated repeatedly that they just can’t let former President Trump go (and would probably secretly love to see him run for that office again). So what did one CNN national security analyst do almost a year and a half into the total dumpster fire that is the Biden administration when faced with this mess? Well, he wrote a book about Trump’s alleged incompetence:

Shorter title: Squirrel!

It’s somewhat surprising that Jim Acosta hasn’t gotten another book out of all his Trump triggering.

Here’s one paragraph from the article:

Trump has the distinction of being the only US president who publicly and consistently refused to accept his electoral loss. His lies about the 2020 election have poisoned America’s politics for the foreseeable future, as Trump has made signing on to those lies a de facto litmus test for many Republican candidates running for office.

Using presidents and not high profile unsuccessful candidates was a convenient way to get around having to mention Hillary Clinton’s repeated claims that the 2016 election was rigged via “Trump/Russia collusion” (when it’s increasingly clear Hillary was the one trying to do the rigging).



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