CNN is reporting that the baby formula shortage has the Biden White House in “crisis mode,” but chief of staff Ron Klain will appreciate the extra spin for blame deflection purposes:

So are we at the “Putin’s baby formula shortage” stage of this crisis yet?

CNN can’t spin hard enough when it comes to trying to help the Biden administration dodge responsibility for yet another crisis:

President Joe Biden’s West Wing has been thrown into crisis mode over a nationwide shortage of baby formula, with top aides undertaking efforts to restock grocery store shelves while coming under fire for a mess they didn’t create and which they’re still working to grasp the scope of.

The shortage has opened yet another political wound going into an already challenging midterm election season, frustrating the West Wing and the rest of the administration as they struggle with how little control they have over a situation which is centered at the US Food and Drug Administration, an independent agency which the White House neither controls nor gets direct reports from.

Yet another crisis the Biden White House has no responsibility for — go figure! CNN will be awarded ten social credit points.

Now imagine CNN’s story if this had happened under Trump.

Maybe they’ll end up blaming “low-level employees in Cincinnati.”

CNN’s spinning hard for Biden here.