Biden and the Democrats have tried to blame anything and everything on all the problems in the U.S. They’ve tried to push “Putin’s price hikes,” warn about “ultra MAGA” and even tried to pin inflation on the lack of any Republican plan to bring it down.

Add it all up and nobody’s buying the Dems’ desperate spin:



And considering that’s coming from NBC News, there must be chaos at DNC headquarters with the midterm elections less than six months away.

From NBC News:

-19 percentage points.

That’s the net-negative rating for the Democratic Party in the latest national NBC News poll, with 50 percent of adults saying they had negative feelings about the Democratic Party and 31 percent saying they had positive feelings about the party. That’s also the highest net-negative rating the Democratic Party has seen in 30 years of the survey.

Adults surveyed in the poll gave the Republican Party a net negative rating of minus 11 percent, with 46 percent viewing the party positively and 46 percent viewing the party negatively.

The results are yet another warning sign for Democrats heading into a difficult midterm election, with the Democratic Party’s image struggling across the country. Among registered voters in the suburbs, the Democratic Party had a net negative rating of minus 24 percent, which is nearly three times their negative rating among suburban voters in 2018.

Nothing to see here, Dems!

Biden and the Dems just keep doubling down (or trying to double down in some cases but have been held back by Sen. Joe Manchin) on the kinds of things that have dragged their approval into the toilet.

And if any of the Democrats are thinking about trying to run Harris instead of Biden in 2024, that might not be the best of ideas (not that these Dems have demonstrated any aversions to bad ideas):

DOUBLE ouch.