Yesterday President Biden found another group of people to blame for what’s happening in the U.S. even though the Democrats control the White House, Senate and House: “MAGA Republicans,” also referred to as the “MAGA crowd,” are the big threat to America according to Biden.

The blame deflection is ramping up as the Biden White House keeps doubling down on the kinds of things that are keeping their approval in the toilet, and the flailing is going to get even more desperate because not many are buying the excuses:

Maybe Biden’s Ministry of Truth will flag this as disinformation:

The US public’s view of the nation’s economy is the worst it’s been in a decade, a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS finds, with many Americans also saying they feel financial strain in their own lives.

That pessimism also reflects on President Joe Biden, whose ratings for handling the economy remain sharply negative. A majority of US adults say his policies have hurt the economy, and 8 in 10 say the government isn’t doing enough to combat inflation.

Only 23% rate economic conditions as even somewhat good, down from 37% in December and 54% last April. The last time public perception of the economy was this poor in CNN’s polling was November 2011, when 18% called economic conditions good.

@EddieZipperer broke down the poll and shared the details that show why the “unity president” is dialing up the volume when it comes to efforts to divide the country:

Nobody was buying the attempts to blame Putin for all the bad economic news, so the Biden administration has added “MAGA Republicans” to the list.

That two percent wouldn’t happen to all be working in the Biden White House, would they?

This administration is an across-the-board disaster.

And keep in mind this is a CNN poll so the real numbers could be much worse for Biden.

When does the Building Back Better start?

That sums it up nicely.