When looking for the hottest of left-wing takes, often you need to search no further than the opinion section of MSNBC’s website, which has published another doozy:

When these people say “far-right” they’re referring to anybody to the right of, say, Tulsi Gabbard (heck, maybe including Tulsi Gabbard):

Motherhood plays an especially key role in the kinds of rhetorical strategies far-right extremists use, including the kinds of “utopian propaganda” that calls on followers to reject modernity and embrace “traditional values” and roles. But women aren’t called upon to be entirely passive as mothers, or to be relegated completely to domestic tasks. Rather, motherhood is used to justify women’s engagement in activism and to “depoliticize” their actions by positioning them as acting on behalf of their children and families.

Themes about the need to protect children are especially powerful in drawing women into extreme and even violent action, as illustrated by the rise of conspiracy theories and propaganda that mobilize mothers around themes of child exploitation and protection. Some women have been drawn into QAnon through relatively banal entry points like wellness blogs and yoga studios, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. In these spaces, healthy skepticism of traditional medicine and a propensity for alternative models of wellness can create inadvertent gateways to entire rabbit holes of conspiracy theories and disinformation, much of which calls on women to protect children.

There’s a lot of heavy lifting in that story intended to paint many, many conservative mothers concerned about their kids as extremists.

“So this is dumb” should be MSNBC’s slogan.

The Left considers that to be an example of the “good” kind of moms group.

And sewing Klan hoods and homeschooling might as well be the same thing:


And it won’t be the last of it.

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