When Joe Biden entered the White House he said weekly lunches with VP Kamala Harris would be the norm:

Joe Biden takes lunch seriously. As vice president, his weekly lunch with Obama wasn’t just a meal. It was a meeting when things really got done, a moment set aside on the White House calendar for the two men to break bread and build out an agenda.

The weekly meal was so important to Biden that he carried over the tradition to his own presidency. “I made the same deal with her that Barack and I made,” he said of his newly minted vice president just weeks after his inauguration. That meant drop-in privileges at the Oval Office and carte blanche over executive office meetings, Biden told People magazine, but also “lunch alone once a week.”

As you might have guessed, that has aged almost as perfectly as Biden’s promise to “shut down the virus.” How many “weekly” lunches alone with VP Harris has Biden had so far this year? Let’s just say the lunches haven’t exactly been “weekly”:

Two times? Perhaps Biden meant that his lunch schedule with Harris would be “weakly.”

Brit Hume comes to Biden’s defense:




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