As you know, Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter is being viewed as troubling by all the right people, and NBC News has decided to go to some “experts” to explain why bad things might happen as a result of the sale:

That story is rich on multiple levels, starting here:

Can it get more Orwellian than “trust and safety team”?

Are there a lot of trust and safety team “experts” out there? Apparently.

Guess who’s one of the “experts” cited in the NBC News story?

Numerous experts, politicians and advocates, from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., to Adam Conner, vice president for technology policy at the Center for American Progress, are already starting conversations about how platform moderation could change with Musk at the helm, and what it could mean for society.

“Musk purchasing Twitter is dangerous for our democracy,” Warren said. “It means one billionaire decides how millions of people will have an opportunity to communicate with each other.”

Ah yes, the well-known and completely objective social media algorithm expert Elizabeth Warren. NBC News even included her tweet in their story:

Brianna Wu is another “expert” featured in NBC News’ story.

“Experts” in partisan Left-wing politics. More fine “journalism” from NBC News.



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