Today is Earth Day, and President Biden marked the occasion by hopping in Air Force One for an approximately 5,000-mile round trip flight to Seattle where he served up warnings about the existential threat caused by burning fossil fuels.


The air smells cleaner already!

During Biden’s speech in Seattle, the president told everybody about his vision for a “climate-friendly” military. Yep, you read that correctly:

What must the enemies of America be thinking right now?

Charging stations will have to be installed all over the world just in case.

Will the fighter jets be electric as well? If so Biden will need to make sure the recharging tankers are equipped with extra-long extension cords.

Here’s a clip that might make you wonder if Biden’s been taking speaking lessons from Kamala Harris:

Talk about inspiring! Don’t worry everybody, all is well.

And it wouldn’t be a Biden speech without that strange “lean in and whisper” thing:

Remember Kamala Harris’ “fweedom” story? Here’s Biden’s “Mr. Pwesident” tale:

Finally, the president who took an Earth Day flight on Air Force One from DC to Seattle and back wants us to know that he’s not driving his Corvette very much for environmental reasons:

You can’t make this stuff up.



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