A federal judge in Florida ruled the Biden administration’s mask mandate for airplanes and other forms of public transportation are unlawful, and the CDC asked the DOJ to appeal:

The Centers for Disease Control officially asked the Department of Justice to appeal a ruling by a federal judge in Florida earlier this week that struck down the Biden administration’s mask mandate for travel.

“To protect CDC’s public health authority beyond the ongoing assessment announced last week, CDC has asked DOJ to proceed with an appeal in Health Freedom Defense Fund, Inc., et al., v. Biden, et al. It is CDC’s continuing assessment that at this time an order requiring masking in the indoor transportation corridor remains necessary for the public health. CDC will continue to monitor public health conditions to determine whether such an order remains necessary. CDC believes this is a lawful order, well within CDC’s legal authority to protect public health,” CDC released in a statement Wednesday evening.

With that news, President Biden’s former Covid adviser Andy Slavitt gives up the game with this tweet:

Judging from many of the replies, there are a whole lotta people scared to death to leave the decision whether or not to mask up to individuals. Also, the reason they want the mandate back seems to have everything to do with control:

It’s clear that the Biden administration does NOT want to let go of their remaining control. Nice of Slavitt to admit that’s what it’s all about, and not “science.”

It’s obvious that the Biden administration intends to do just that.

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