The media had such high hopes for the Biden presidency, but, for some, the reality is starting to set in. Here’s a shot & chaser from Drew Holden showing how hope evolves into reality:

The shot, written by CNN’s Chris Cillizza and published on March 5th:

Beset by the Omicron variant, high inflation and the uncertainty in Ukraine, Biden’s poll numbers have lagged badly, with his approval ratings stuck in the low 40s.

A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll suggests that all might be changing. Biden’s overall job approval rating among Americans is at 47% in the survey, up 8 points from where he was in the same poll last month.

That bump is reflected in individual issues too. A majority (52%) of Americans now approve of how Biden is handling the situation with Russia and Ukraine – up 18(!) points from last month. On Covid-19, 55% now approve of the way he is handling the pandemic, up 8 points from last month. And 45% approve of his handling of the economy, a 9-point increase.

About five weeks later, CNN’s Cillizza also provided the chaser:

With just more than 200 days left until the 2022 election, there’s little evidence that President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are improving – and there’s some data to suggest things are getting worse.

Maybe Cillizza and CNN need to “hope” harder.

And that never came. The MSM disappointment is palpable.

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