A police officer shooting a suspect who grabbed his taser in Grand Rapids, Michigan earlier this month has led to protests in the city:

The shooting happened the morning of April 4 on Nelson Avenue north of Griggs Street on the city’s Southeast side. The officer pulled Lyoya over around 8:11 a.m. after realizing that the plate on the car he was driving didn’t match the vehicle. GRPD has not said why the officer ran the plate.

A still from April 4, 2022 body cam footage. A GRPD officer shot and killed Patrick Lyoya. (Courtesy Grand Rapids Police Department)
Dashboard camera and body camera video shows that as soon as he stopped Lyoya, Lyoya got out of the car. The officer told him to get back in the car, but Lyoya didn’t. The officer asked him if he had a license. Lyoya seemed confused. The officer asked if he spoke English. Lyoya said he did. The officer asked again for his license. Lyoya asked what he had done wrong. The officer told Lyoya the plate didn’t match the car and repeated that he wanted to see his license. Lyoya opened the driver’s side door of the car and asked someone inside for his license. It’s unclear whether or not the passenger could find the license, but Lyoya closed the door without getting it.

When Lyoya stepped away, the officer tried to stop him. Lyoya then ran away and the officer gave chase, reporting that over his radio. A long struggle ensued in the front yards of houses, with the officer trying to hold Lyoya down but Lyoya repeatedly trying to get back up. After about 30 seconds, the officer called for more cars.

In the video, the officer is seen atop Lyoya, struggling to hold him down. The officer can be heard telling Lyoya to “stop” and “stop resisting.”

The officer drew his Taser. The bodycam video shows Lyoya grab for it as the sound of it deploying can be heard.
Winstrom said Lyoya was shot in the head.

There have been protests in Grand Rapids since that happened, and Saturday night they continued. Andy Ngo shared the story and some videos:

People were marching outside a Kid Rock concert at Van Andel Arena:

They were chanting “I don’t see no riot gear, why are you in riot gear?” But all we see are officers standing behind bicycles.

The nearby Amway Grand Plaza Hotel was also a target of protesters:

Anybody driving in the area should also use caution:

Remember when concerned parents showing up to school board meetings were considered the “domestic terrorists”? Maybe as far as the current administration is concerned they still are.

At least they’re getting a little exercise.

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