The Biden administration is planning to eliminate Title 42 at the end of May:

The Biden administration is planning to scrap a Trump-era public health policy restricting illegal immigration by May 23 — despite repeated warnings from Democratic lawmakers who represent border states, according to multiple reports.

White House director of communications Kate Bedingfield did not confirm the plans reported by CNN and the Associated Press when asked by reporters Wednesday, referring the matter to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Title 42 is a public health directive,” Bedingfield said. “It is not an immigration or migration enforcement measure.”

At a recent White House briefing, Kate Bedingfield said, “when the CDC ultimately decides it’s appropriate to lift Title 42, there will be an influx of people to the border.”

Translation: The mess at the border the Biden administration has created by design is about to get worse. Sen. Mitt Romney had this to say about it:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez immediately did her thing in response to Romney’s tweet:

Nice try, but no:

Not that AOC actually cares about the facts when she’s got a narrative to try and forward, but it can’t hurt to try:

And if AOC accepts reality then she can’t make it all about skin color, which is what she’s obviously trying to do (as usual).

Hopefully AOC won’t accuse any critics of her tweet of trying to date her.



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