We already know the Biden White House has held briefings with TikTok “influencers” about the Russia/Ukraine situation as well as gas prices and inflation, but it would appear that select newspaper editorial boards were also in on that meeting. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board’s take on the situation will be met with the full approval of the Biden White House:

And with that, the first question that might come to your mind is this one:

If Klain didn’t write that, the Post-Dispatch editorial board might at least be receiving a nice gift basket very soon.

The conclusion of the editorial is self-unaware and ironic:

It’s an unfortunate fact of politics that repeating a lie enough can often entrench it in a debate — especially when an entire political party is repeating it in lockstep. As this year’s midterms approach, voters who are still open to facts should ask themselves what it says about any candidate who must resort to such a strategy.

Yes, “repeating a lie enough can entrench it” — and that’s been proven yet again. The Biden administration would appreciate as much repeating as possible.

Apparently they can control the price… until they can’t.

President Biden and the WH are getting increasingly frustrated because not nearly enough people are buying the spin, which is why the media’s ramping up their efforts to assist with the gaslighting.

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