Earlier today we told you that the Biden White House held a briefing for “TikTok stars.” The reason was to ostensibly explain the war in Ukraine so they could pass along the facts to their large followings. But if you bet the actual intent was to get TikTok influencers to help spread Biden and the Democrats’ BS narratives, see the cashier and collect your winnings!

At one point, WH press secretary told the TikTokkers something that will get a big ol’ thumbs-up from Hillary Clinton and others:

Casting doubt on election results is only a “threat to democracy” if a Republican does it, obviously.

Saying Putin “hacked the election” in 2016 has long been a favored approach of Democrats who want people to believe Russia got into the system and altered vote totals.

Weird that Putin wanted Trump in office so badly that he “hacked” the election in 2016 but didn’t want to do that in 2020?

Ironically enough the Biden White House said the briefing for TikTokkers was part of their attempt to combat misinformation coming from the Kremlin.

We’re quite used to that these days.