During the 2012 presidential campaign, then-President Barack Obama made these infamous comments about a previous claim from Mitt Romney:

The Democrats, along with the media, took it from there and mocked Romney’s comments mercilessly. As Drew Holden exposed in another great thread, that mockery has aged poorly:

Not that the MSM is capable of being shamed, but the level of hackery they achieved in order to carry Obama/Biden & the Dems’ water to help mock Romney was an absolute clown parade of journalistic malpractice:

And of course the rest of the media went into full “SQUEE!” mode to cheer Obama’s supposed zinger on Romney:

The “pundits” also beclowned themselves:

Speaking of IHOP, the media takes have become flatter than pancakes as time has proven them so very wrong.

And we can’t talk about being horrendously wrong without John Kerry entering the chat:

Yep, they sure nailed that one! *Eye roll*

Being confidently wrong is what much of the media does best.

Another great thread!

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