Closing arguments are taking place at the trial involving Sarah Palin’s defamation lawsuit against the New York Times:

Palin’s lawsuit concerns “America’s Lethal Politics,” a June 14, 2017, editorial addressing gun control and lamenting the increase in incendiary political rhetoric.

It incorrectly linked Palin to the January 2011 shooting in a Tucson, Arizona, parking lot where six people were killed and then-Democratic U.S. congresswoman Gabby Giffords was wounded.
Bennet inserted language that drew an incorrect connection between the Giffords shooting and a map from Palin’s political action committee that the editorial said put 20 Democrats, including Giffords, under crosshairs.

“The link to political incitement was clear,” the editorial said. It was corrected the next morning.

The NY Times’ lawyer delivered his closing argument today, and the spin sure sounds familiar:

If you’ve paid attention to the mainstream media these last few years, you know what’s next:

Does anybody believe that particular “honest mistake” would have happened if it involved a Democrat?

Every. Single. Time.

We’ll see what the jury decides.

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