There seems to be some dispute over what was said on the Biden/Zelensky phone call the other day, and many would like to see things cleared up by having a transcript released. The media can of course always be counted on so they might dig up a copy of the transcript at some point. But first, they’re busy introducing America to the Bidens’ new cat Willow:

The NBC Evening News even devoted a segment to the Willow story:

Ron Klain will certainly appreciate the media’s focus.

Now all Biden has to do is get a new pet every few days and the corporate media will do the rest!

It looks like the Biden admin’s attempt to use a new pet as a distraction worked, at least when it comes to giving their allies in the media something to report about other than the issues that matter.

Even N. Korean state media might advise the U.S. media to dial it down a notch and not make it so obvious.

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