Early this week Fox News reporter Peter Doocy annoyed President Biden with a question about inflation and its possible effect on the Democrats in the November midterm elections. As a matter of fact, the question annoyed Biden so much that he called Doocy a “stupid son of a b*tch.”

Everybody knows that if Trump snapped at a reporter they’d write an entire book about how it’s a threat to democracy and the First Amendment (as a matter of fact, CNN’s Jim Acosta did just that). Now, however, a Democrat is in the White House and the rules have apparently changed:

The media couldn’t be more predictable if they tried.

Many in the replies who would have otherwise said that the very fabric of our nation is being destroyed if Trump said that to Jim Acosta are instead cheering for Biden. The “rules” have changed for some reason.

When there’s a Republican back in the White House the media can return to being triggered by a president slamming the media. Until then they’ll be all “thank you sir, may I have another!?”

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