When it comes to members of Congress with some rather twisted “priorities,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to lead the way:

As Biden’s DHS helps illegal immigrants at the border take buses and secret flights in the middle of the night to parts of the U.S., Pelosi reminds us that it’s the government’s constitutional duty to defend the sovereignty of another country’s border? Dems certainly do have their “priorities.” Lara Logan is among those in disbelief:

But when it comes to a border much closer to home, Dems are turning a blind eye:

Pelosi’s comments came during an event touting the infrastructure bill that passed last year:

And, we wanted to do all of this in the most bipartisan way possible — the same time, we take an oath to protect and defend. And, we’re working with the White House to show that we are ready for whatever the prospects are, as regard – in regard to Ukraine.

That as Dems continue to encourage an influx of illegals at the southern border of the U.S.

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