In the U.S. Senate, even though the Democrats don’t appear to have the votes, Sen. Chuck Schumer says he plans to move forward to “protect democracy”:

The Democrats’ quest to eliminate a filibuster they often refer to (as inspired by Barack Obama) as a “relic of the Jim Crow era,” Sen. Mitch McConnell couldn’t help but notice the irony and hypocrisy considering what the Senate Dems did just days ago:

Just last week the Democrats used that “relic of the Jim Crow era” to put a stop to Sen. Ted Cruz’s bill that would have imposed sanctions on Russia over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Fifty-five senators voted in favor of Cruz’s bill but it came to a halt because it didn’t reach the 60-vote threshold, all while Democrats keep saying it’s a “threat to democracy” when a minority of senators can stop legislation (but that only applies to Democrat bills, obviously).

The Dems know their “voting rights bill” is very likely dead, but they need to keep the discussion going because they’re going to blame “voter suppression” for the coming red wave in November.



Chuck Schumer accidentally gives away the *real* reason Senate Dems want to nuke the filibuster

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