As we told you yesterday, an elite status member (who subsequently locked her account) demanded answers from American Airlines after spotting a pilot with a “Let’s Go Brandon” luggage tag:

American Airlines responded on Twitter:

And later the airline also reportedly told the passenger via DM they’re looking into it and are sorry for her being triggered:

From the New York Post reports that American Airlines assured the passenger they’re taking this seriously:

“We take this very seriously and have sent this over to crew leadership,” AA said in response to a direct message from the Twitter user who accused the pilot of displaying political propaganda supporting insurrection against the US government. “They will handle this internally after review. We assure you appropriate internal review will occur.”

People can’t help but notice that American Airlines didn’t seem to have any issue with employees making political statements under the proper circumstances:

Go figure.

This from CBS News back in 2020:

American Airlines is now allowing its employees to wear a Black Lives Matter pin on their uniforms, the airline said in a statement Monday. The decision comes after American Airlines employees saw people at other companies wearing BLM pins and asked if they could do the same.

“American Airlines believes in equity and inclusion for all,” the company said in its statement.

That “inclusion” might not include employees who have LGB luggage tags. Stay tuned.



American Airlines investigating pilot whose social media posts criticized critical race theory in his school district