On Monday, President Biden basically sent primary responsibility for handling Covid back to the individual states, saying there “is no federal solution” to getting through the pandemic. Biden then took questions from some of the governors who were on the call, but the press was whisked from the room before that happened (what transparency!).

Now it’s time for a pivot, as @JoeBiden made clear in a tweet today:

The Democrats are expected to take a big hit in the midterms in November, and Biden’s clearly setting the scapegoat stage with his calls to send Covid response back to the states while wanting to federalize elections.

The Dems no doubt want to change the very definition of “eligible.” Also it’s clear the plan is to blame “voter suppression” for any big losses experienced in the midterms next year, which is odd for the side that claims questioning election results are “threats to democracy.”

Hey, would the politician who promised to “shut down the virus” lie to us?

It’s always about setting up a narrative, and Biden and the Democrats are already trying to figure out how to spin 2022 losses.



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