Earlier this week a reporter stumped White House press secretary Jen Psaki by asking her to name some of President Biden’s foreign policy achievements in his first year in office. Eventually Psaki thought of something to say:

But when it comes to all achievements, the Biden White House appreciates the media serving as stenographers and sharing their memos word-for-word:

Yep, they’re taking credit for Covid vaccinations, schools re-opening and jobs coming back (the same schools and jobs the Dems shut down).


There’s no level of shamelessness and desperation too low for this administration’s spin machine to reach.

They certainly did.

The WH/media trend seems to be that the White House will put out a memo, somebody in the media will publish it, then the WH will point to the story as third-party confirmation of the claims. The Biden White House says “jump,” and the media shouts back “how high?”

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