The scary predictions about what’ll happen unless the Democrats are allowed to spend trillions more dollars on “green” initiatives continue, but at least this time they’ve pushed the date further into the future:

Depending on how long you’ve lived, you could be on your third or fourth “soon there might not be any snow” warning.

Another “new study” with a lot of “if” and “could be” in it? Sure, why not!

A new study provides a glimpse into the future of Western U.S. snow and the picture is far from rosy: In about 35 to 60 years, mountainous states are projected to be nearly snowless for years at a time if greenhouse gas emissions continue unchecked and climate change does not slow.

Don’t get run over by the goalposts that are being shifted.

The six to ten-year predictions are starting to give way to 30-60 year warnings so as to not age poorly during the lifetime of those who sound the alarm.

Fact check: TRUE! (Which is why they had to change the sign)

Over and over again.