Yesterday the Biden administration announced travel restrictions after the emergence of a new coronavirus variant in South Africa. CNN’s Jim Acosta shared the story:

What a difference a year (and a different president) makes when it comes to how the media reports on virus-related issues.

Before we get to that, here’s what Joe Biden had to say early last year about the Trump administration’s travel restrictions:

For some reason many media outlets aren’t asking the Biden administration how the “science” on travel restrictions has changed.

And here’s what Acosta was saying at the time about how Trump was handling things:

Around the same time Trump put travel restrictions in place, Acosta said that Trump pointing out that the virus originated in Wuhan, China “could come across to Americans as smacking of xenophobia”:

Now that Biden’s in office, we’re not going to hear any rhetoric like that coming from the “journalists” at CNN.

Here’s Acosta with CNN medical analyst Leana Wen today. The CNN journo took no exception to Wen agreeing with Biden’s travel restrictions (which don’t start until Monday):

There’s certainly been a big media pivot.

They probably remember too but just hope nobody else does.