Even though the Biden White House touted the signing of the infrastructure bill as a big win for this administration, the president’s approval rating keeps on dropping. Here’s the latest:

With that, CNN to the rescue! Panelists discussed Biden’s lousy approval even though things, they say, are going fairly well. There’s also blame assigned to corporate greed for being part of the reason prices are up, which Biden’s wrongly taking the blame for, according to this discussion:

Here’s part of the exchange, via Newsbusters:

KING: But if you look at these numbers, 5.6 million jobs created since Joe Biden became president, the unemployment rate is 4.6 percent. Disposable income is up two percent. There are positive economic indicators out there, but it’s very hard for a president or his party to sound ‘hey you’re fine’ when people are feeling pain.

FOX: Well, and that’s the delicate balance of going out and selling something like the infrastructure bill or going out and selling this big social safety net bill because you might be able to argue, “look at all these projects coming into your community,” but people might think to themselves, but what about my family? What about the fact that when I go to the store milk costs more than it did two weeks ago?

“Disposable income is up two percent”? How much is inflation up?

However, things on CNN might change eventually:

Stay tuned.