Just coincidentally, as the polls are worsening for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, Democrats and the media spotted something that was supposed to be damaging to Glenn Youngkin. The Left was faux-triggered by “white supremacists” claiming to be Youngkin supporters near the Republican’s campaign bus. As you probably guessed, that isn’t at all what the Democrats would like people to believe.

But fortunately for Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell, the truth and reality aren’t factors when it comes to him wanting to help push any Democrat narrative:

The real “birds of a feather” are Swalwell and the rest of the dishonest liars on the Left.

One of the most dishonest, that’s for sure.

The Dems have their narrative of the day and won’t care about the truth.

What a shocker (and there’s more). Not that Swalwell will ever be shamed into deleting a tweet.

As long as it conforms to what the Democrats would like everybody to believe, Swalwell’s on board.

You just know the “fact-checks” are on the way!



‘I have the receipts’: Eagle-eyed tweeter is working to get to the bottom of the ‘gross false-flag operation’ against Glenn Youngkin [screenshots]; UPDATED

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