The New Jersey gubernatorial election will take place on Tuesday, November 2nd. In the meantime, incumbent Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy is taking a rather odd approach when it comes to convincing businesses and people to come to his state:

This is a swing for the “completely out of touch” fences:

The former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. executive says businesses want more for their money. Republican strongholds like Texas and Georgia might have lower taxes, but highly skilled employees at film, digital and other companies want to live in states with progressive stances on abortion, voting rights and gun control, Murphy said Thursday during an interview with Bloomberg News in Newark.

“If your business model includes high value-added, highly skilled workforce, we’re on your list,” he said. “We are not going to be the low-cost state to live or work in.”

“You might go bankrupt because of our high taxes and regulations, but in return we make it easier to get an abortion and harder to defend yourself” is a heckuva pitch!

So far the governor’s sales pitch doesn’t seem to be resonating:

It looks like not everybody is clamoring to stay in a state with “liberal values” if it means having no money left.