At a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Republicans are pressing Attorney General Merrick on his memo making it clear the FBI would be mobilized to act on threats against school board members. Republicans at the hearing are trying to get Garland to define exactly what he’d consider a “threat,” while Democrats are running cover for the Biden administration. After the DOJ memo came out, GOP Sen. Josh Hawley called it “a deliberate attempt to chill parents from showing up at school board meetings.

If you missed it, here’s the memo:

Naturally that memo is a big topic of conversation at today’s hearing:

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan described the Biden administration’s maddening “priorities”:

Jordan also attempted to show video, and a Democrat immediately objected. Committee Chair Nadler ended up agreeing with the objection:

This is the video Jordan was attempting to show:

No wonder the Democrats freaked out when Jordan tried to show the video.